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Good Finance – information about the company

Good Finance - information about the company

Good Finance specializes in providing installment loans. The company belongs to non-bank institutions, which is why the chances of obtaining cash are greater due to less stringent conditions for obtaining a loan. The Good Finance brand is the result of the technological cooperation of known and trusted loan companies.

The guiding principle of the company is simplicity. The only document needed to obtain a loan is an ID card, and the entire application process is carried out online. The lender appreciates the security issue in providing online loans and carefully verifies the creditworthiness of his clients.

Opinions about Good Finance

Opinions about Good Finance

Undoubtedly, the company offers its clients decent financial support. The maximum loan amount of USD 10,000 allows you to finance even larger needs, and the long loan period of up to 24 months allows you to reduce your monthly installment.

In addition, the lender guarantees a quick decision to grant or reject the loan application. If you choose the option of identity verification using the Kontomatik service you will significantly reduce the waiting time for a decision.

How to take a loan at Good Finance

How to take a loan at Good Finance

The company offers installment loans from USD 500 to USD 10,000 for a period of 3 to 24 months. To apply for a first loan, you need to take a few simple steps. The entire application process is done online. All you need is your ID card. Here are the stages for applying for a loan:

  • Select the loan amount and repayment period through the loan calculator.
  • Click ‘apply’.
  • Provide your identification data (it is a good idea to have an ID card with you to enter your information correctly)
  • Confirm your identity

Applications can be submitted at any time. They are considered both on business days (8: 00-22: 00) and on weekends (9: 00-20: 00). Customer verification transfers are booked up to an hour, and your account will be credited with funds within approximately 15 minutes if you have an account with the same bank as the lender.

However, if you are a customer of another bank, the maximum time of posting payments is one business day. The same applies to withdrawals to your bank account. If you do not want to get a loan to your account, then you can receive it almost equally quickly at the post office via the GIRO check, i.e. the SMS code that is given at the post office. After entering it, you get borrowed money.

If you are applying for another loan at Litebank, you can do it in two ways: by submitting an application on the website or by phone.

Who can take out a loan at Good Finance?

Who can take out a loan at Good Finance?

Each financial institution determines the terms of the loan that affect whether the borrower will be able to obtain the loan. At Good Finance, installment loans are granted to a person who:

  • he is between 20 and 70 years old,
  • has a stable source of income,
  • has a personal bank account,
  • has an active telephone number,
  • has Polish citizenship and lives in the Republic of Poland,
  • has successfully registered in the internet system,
  • has a positive credit history (no back payments)

Loan costs at Good Finance

Loan costs at Good Finance

The advantage of Lite bank’s offer is that at the time of application you can see the total cost of the loan on the information calculator on the main page of the website. All information about the loan you are interested in is provided there, so you have no doubts about the terms of the loan agreement.

A representative example of an installment loan: Actual annual interest rate (APRC): 155.16% for the total loan amount of USD 3,000, contract duration 12 months, repayment in 12 monthly installments of USD 401.46 each installment, variable interest rate 10% per annum. Total cost of the loan 1817.48, including: commission USD 1652.32, interest USD 165.16. The total amount to be paid is USD 4817.48.

What does customer verification at Good Finance look like?

What does customer verification at Good Finance look like?

Customer verification takes place in two ways. You can do this using the Kontomatik service. It is an automatic verification method that allows you to verify your data based on information from your bank account. Using the Kontomatik method you will go through the verification process in the fastest and most convenient way – you do not need to have any funds on your account, as there is no need to perform a verification transfer.

The advantage of this service is that the identity check is done immediately and is completely secure. To use this verification method, you must log in to your bank via the login window when submitting the application, and the rest of the process will take place automatically.

Loan repayment at Good Finance?

Loan repayment at Good Finance?

If you have an account in the same bank as Good Finance you can count on a quick transfer of borrowed money. The banks where the account is maintained by the lender should be taken into account when paying back the liability. Having an account with one of them will allow you to repay the loan installment immediately.

If you do not have this option, it is better to order a transfer 2 days before the payment date to avoid exceeding the repayment date. Otherwise you may be charged penalty interest and other contractual penalties. To order a transfer, enter 

In the “How to pay back?” you have information about the lender’s bank accounts. Customers who cannot pay the Good Finance long-term loan should contact the company as soon as possible. He will propose the best solution in the current financial situation of the borrower.

A loan in Good Finance – advantages and disadvantages

A loan in Good Finance - advantages and disadvantages


  • High loan amount up to USD 10,000
  • Long loan period – up to 24 months
  • Minimal formalities
  • Completely online inference
  • Money can be transferred to a bank account or picked up at the post office by GIRO check
  • The loan is also at the weekend
  • All you need is an ID card
  • Two forms of verification: Kontomatik or verification transfer
  • Loan without pledge
  • Fast money transfer to your account
  • Transparent conditions


  • High lower age limit – 20 years
  • The lender requires a positive payment history

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